25 October 2009

Hollywood Movie Cakes

A Hollywood directors themed ensemble for a 21st Birthday.
The film canisters are chocolate mud cake (6 inch diameter) with a painted craft board reel in between sprayed with PME Pearl colour..... Couldn't find any 35mm film in a hurry so I grabbed a roll of Kodak snapshot film to wrap around the reel. :o)
The cupcakes are choc mud with either Irish Cream buttercream or Strawberry Liqueur buttercream.
Atop the cupcakes are teensy fondant clapper boards, megaphones and movie projectors all handmade and hand painted with white food colouring.
Oscar on the top cake is hand modelled using fondant, sprayed gold with PME Gold food colour.
A really fun cake tower, with a bit of glitz and glamour :oD


  1. That's so cool how you embossed your logo onto the film! How did you do that??

  2. I have a blog award for you! http://lifeasaswindell.blogspot.com/2009/10/thanks-to-sarah-at-sarah-ruth-today-for.html

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