29 September 2008

Lace and Roses Cupcakes

Rose pink Coconut cupcakes with White Chocolate buttercream.
Covered with embossed white fondant creating a lovely lacey textured finish.

Price - $7.00 each


  1. These make me swoon. Amazing!

  2. What beautiful cupcakes! I ordered Lace & Roses, Ivory and Ice Green! They were wowed at by all my guests. Should have lots of referral orders rolling in soon. Can't wait for Australia Day next year so I can order those Aussie Day Cupcakes. And looking forward to some Christmas cupcake designs???? Wouldn't they be a special gift for friends and family!

  3. omg these are beautiful!!

  4. how it`s made that white thing ? that looks delicious

  5. Absolutely LOVE your cupcake designs!!! They're so pretty and so darn neat!! It's like biting into a ornament. Beautiful. I hope you find the inspiration to create a lot more...:-)


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