13 July 2008


Pistachios are my most favourite nut, along with Macadamias and okay, Cashews aswell.
I love buttery soft textures that melt and provide a warming sweetness for the palate.
I have made pistachio cupcakes before in my Maghreb series, this
time I wanted to achieve a more 'grown up' package of more subtle
flavours with completely different styling.

The buttercream was made from a boiled Honey and Orange Blossom water syrup, beaten into egg yolks until totally cooled then unsalted butter was whipped in piece by piece until creamy, smooth and soft as silk.

The colour palette was to be natural and not "bazarre" (excuse the pun) as those in the Maghreb series. I feel they naturally reflect the essence of the ingredients used in this recipe.

Designer Cupcakes

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