13 July 2008


I love Orange Blossom water its something that I haven't tired of,
its versatility still excites me! Florally, sensual and innocent it lends
a 'sparkle' to citrus themes and enhances the aroma and taste of most other fruits .
These precious little cakes are another of my own recipes and I combined the zest and juice of an orange with Orange Blossom Water, replacing half of the milk content of the recipe.
Instead of Cornflour I decided to try organic Potato Flour which is really high in starches and gluten free. I think I'll continue to use it in place of cornflour as it has the smoothest, lightest and finest texture making even Cornflour seem gritty!!
Just in case anyone is wondering...it doesn't taste potatoey!
The Buttercream is flavoured with Orange zest and Orange juice again and is sharp and fruity, marrying the floral qualities of the cake beautifully.
Very refreshing!

Deluxe Cupcakes

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