29 December 2008

Pucci Inspired Wedding Cupcakes

These little numbers created for Zena and Frederick, to be included in part, of their wedding dessert buffet.
The happy couple are to be wed in August '09 amongst the splendor of New York City, so my little cupcakes are going to be in for quite a journey, lucky them!

Zena sent me an email with a piccy of a Pucci frock and shoes, explaining that these colours and style resemble the inspiation for their wedding theme. What a brilliant idea!!? I can't wait to see what other aspects of planning she melds into this theme, exciting!!!
So, armed with said piccy of Pucci frock and shoes, I scratched out a few designs (pictured below) and followed them with the real cuppies as per design.
Having met with Zenas approval these are the exact prototypes of the Cuppies to be included in her sumptous dessert buffet! I am THRILLED she loves them as much as I do! Lol! =oD
These are the flavours for each design:

Cranberry/Grenadine Cupcakes filled with Lime Mousseline Buttercream then finished with Cointreau Mousseline Buttercream.


Dutch Cocoa Cupcakes filled with Dark Chocolate Ganache and finished with Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur Mousseline Buttercream


Vanilla Cupcakes filled with Canandian Club Whiskey Mousseline Buttercream then finished with Espresso Mousseline Buttercream

Read more about this amazing girl and her exciting pre-nuptial journey by clicking on the link below.....

Inspiration...............................................Design Process...................................Finished Product....


  1. Oooooh just seeing this post makes me love my "Pucci" wedding even more, thanks to you!!!

  2. ultra amazing i am in love with your modern designs

  3. that is so pretty :) love the bright colours!


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