09 December 2008

Pucci Handbag Cake

My gorgeous friend Zena (blogger of "PS I Love This" See links) inspired me to create this little Pucci cake.
It stands 12cm high, is 20cm long and is 8 cm deep. A really rich 3 layer Dutch Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Mousseline Buttercream covered in a thin layer of Pucci-esque vanilla fondant.
I had a fab time creating this cake, right from designing the templates to gilding the handle, Emilio Pucci has an absolutely fascinating style and replicating it was quite a learning experience!


  1. Ouch! It gotta be painful slicing that cake!!!

  2. Beautiful cake, I would have trouble slicing it too!

  3. "Hey! Somone left their handbag on the table here, please remove iiit, the cake is comming soon...! Oh, wait...that is a CAKE?? *gasp-nom*"

    Awesome-ness and great job!! :))

  4. BEAUTIFUL!!! It also looks so moist and sinful..


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