06 October 2008


Inspired by Tribal Tattoo design.
This raw yet intricate style of art has its roots set firmly in many cultures and is used to express a huge variety of statements and beliefs.
Here, the emphasis is on feminine curves, movement and joy.
All decorations are made with gum-paste, fondant and silver cachous.

Artistic Cupcake


  1. In your site i learned somethig about tattoo's site. i will keep reading. Thanks ^_^

    Learning all about tattoo designs.
    Tribal Tattoo Designs

  2. WOW!! I love this, my kind of style for cupcake designs..

  3. Dear Sugarbloom Cupcakes,
    I would like to ask, does the 1st picture above (in pink) belong to you? Because if it does, I would like to notify you that a company called Cake Desire [ http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cake-Desire/261195667231041 ] has taken your photo and used it for their cupcake company, I'm lead to believe without permission. I hope you will do something about this.
    From Anonymous


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