13 July 2008


Hubby came home from work yesterday with one massive half
pumpkin from Ed, his workmate. Ed and wife Jane grow alot of their
own veges and have recently bought some rainbow trout fingerlings for their rock pool, that should be just about perfect for Xmas lunch! (I know where I'd like to be at Xmas lunch!!)
Their veges are organically grown and are always perfect and flavourful, and we are sometimes the lucky recipients of their garden bounty.
I thought I'd make us all some cupcakes using the pumpkin as inspiration (Queensland Blue relative)
A puree of pumpkin, the zest of three oranges from our garden
and some freshly ground cinnamon all went into these amazingly
moist and delicate cuppies. I concocted an orange sugar syrup buttercream using about 60 g Orange Juice and 100g caster sugar beaten into 3 egg yolks then adding 200 g butter and half a cup of melted white callebaut chocolate. The combination of these the ingredients was jaw-droppingly sensational, seriously good.
We will have to get some of these to Ed and Jane quick or they'll be all gone. : )

Deluxe Cupcakes

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  1. Bev, how did I miss these? Pumpkin and sweetness rocks my world!


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