13 July 2008


Another exquisite chocolate cupcake, but this time FUDGIER! (Is that a word)?
Well, it is now! This is a brown sugar and malt rich version of a
Rose Beranbaum recipe that melts in the mouth but is gooey and
fudgy at the same time...*Sigh*
My fave thing about this Cupcake is the newly acquired Van Houten Cacao Powder imported from Belgium which is hideoulsy expensive but far superior to (apologies...!) any Aussie cocoa that I've tried.
It has most amazing red tinge to it, a reliable sign of a good alkalized cocoa powder.
This time, in the buttercream I used Callbaut milk chocolate calletts instead of dark and the resultant taste was subtle yet unmistakably chocolate.

Designer Cupcake

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